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Vulcan Syringe Pump – Standard

(Syringe Pump)

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Vulcan Syringe Pump – Standard

• 6 individually operated syringes
• PTFE-syringe to handle HF acid
• All PTFE-values and fittings provide an inert environment
• Programmed to dispense precise amounts from 6 syringes at the same time
• Easy mounting and replacement of syringes


Vulcan Standard comes with one digestion block.

The Pumps/Valves tab in software allows the user to manually turn ON or OFF each pump and valve located in the Vulcan system. These commands are mostly applicable for peristaltic-pump based configuration, with the exception of the diluent pump and diluent valve, which also have application with the High Pressure Syringe Pump configuration.


Calibration is performed in the Automated Syringe Pump by weighing the amount of dispensed liquid in three separate vials, entering the weights of each vial into the appropriate weight location and updating the stroke. The stroke value refers to the number of steps the stepper motor plunges the syringe to reach the required volume amounts. The Average Stroke Value button allows the user to update the stroke value as an average value of the selected syringe stroke values.


The Washing Box allows the user to prime each syringe with the desired liquid. This can be done by entering a specific amount, selecting the syringe(s) and clicking start. This must be done prior to calibration.


Since the diluent pump is not meant for accurate dispenses, only one vial needs to be measured for calibration.


The initialization process takes the High Pressure Syringe Pump block to its highest point so that the syringe limit switch just toggles. Then the syringe module block is lowered 500 motor steps (Syringe Buffer value) as its normal highest point of travel and is the position that corresponds to zero mL’s for the syringes.


This lowers the Automated Syringe Pump block half way to allow for appropriate removal of a syringe, should one need replacing.


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