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Vulcan P – Standard & Duo

(Peristaltic Pump)

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Vulcan Peristaltic Pump – Standard & Duo

Vulcan comes with an option of Syringe or Laboratory Peristaltic pump based reagent delivery system which are made of super engineering plastics, having excellent corrosion resistance, enabling the pumps to be used with strong acids, strong alkalis, and chemical solutions that erode general-purpose plastics. They are highly resistant to heat.


These pumps are available for all liquids including HF, HClO4, H2O2, KMNO4 and H2SO4.


• 8 individually operated pumps
• Accurate delivery over a wide range of flow rates
• Specialized design to provide low drift in the flow rate
• Good repeatability in low volume dispensing


Vulcan Standard comes with one QBlock and Vulcan Duo comes with two QBlocks.

Our Automated Reagent Management has a flow rate up to 2.5 ml/sec. Independent reagent lines reduce priming operations, increase dispensing speed and minimize contamination. The all-plastic Adaptable Workstation is designed for Ultra-Pure, Consistent, Automated Sample Preparation.


Both Vulcan Standard & Vulcan Duo come with 8 individually operated Laboratory Peristaltic pumps which give accurate delivery over wide range of flow rate. They operate in dispense and aspirate mode to facilitate sample pickup and avoid reagent dripping. The Peristaltic Pump in Vulcan Series come can be primed with a manual switch and give a good repeatability in low volume dispensing.

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