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Fume Scrubber

Fume Scrubber

Laboratory scale compact and efficient exhaust scrubber

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Our Fume Scrubber works with a minimum of 30 PSI scrubber reagent inlet pressure and has an all-plastic acid and alkali resistance construction. The benchtop stand to sit on is included in our fume hood scrubber system and it connects to hoods and instruments using 5” ID flexible tubing.


It comes with water flow regulator and in-line pressure regulator and has flow drop of around 40% @ 2,400 ft/min and a Gravity drain outlet for scrubbing effluent.


  • More than 90% efficiency for most exhaust constituents
  • Low scrubber reagent consumption of 1 liter per minute
  • Up to 98% of Cyclonic mist retention
  • Works best with exhaust flow across from 1,000 to 1,400 ft/min across
  • Compact and innovative design with dimensions of 20 x 20 x 30 in (W x D x H), 50 lbs
  • Works with a minimum of 30 PSI scrubber reagent inlet pressure
  • All plastic acid and alkali resistance construction


Questron’s Exhaust Fume Scrubber is designed to efficiently treat and remove toxic fumes from the laboratory. Primarily designed as an accessory to remove acids from the fumes generated by Vulcan workstation, it can be used independently with other instruments as well.


Fume Hood scrubber system is compact in size and can be installed in any laboratory. Employing a unique tube-within-a- tube design, it is constructed out of all plastic acid- and alkali-resistant material that allows it to effectively treat and remove up to 95% of the acid fumes. It is connected in line with the exhaust flow. The input exhaust port of this unit receives the acid-laden fumes. The output exhaust port discharges the scrubbed exhaust. To work properly, the exhaust fume scrubber requires tap water at a flow rate of about one liter per minute at its water inlet. This water, with dissolved acid content, is discharged at the unit’s water drain outlet.

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