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Ashing of Petroleum Samples – Microwave and other current techniques

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Ashing of Petroleum Samples – Microwave and other current techniques

Ashing of Petroleum Samples – Microwave and other current techniques

Ashing of organic reach products in traditional furnaces requires long durations, sometimes even stretching overnight! Such long times required for ashing are typically due to lack of oxygen in the samples that is necessary for oxidation. QAsh1800 from Questron speeds up ashing for organic reach samples up to 10-fold by efficiently using microwave energy to reach desired temperatures. It has a software-controlled air inlet in heating chamber which provides oxygen at desired rate and optimally evacuates gases produced during ashing. If you are ashing oils, grease, wax, paraffin, polymers . . . QAsh will make your lab deliver results faster. And better.

Express Microwave Ashing System

Trace Metals and Wear Metals Analysis in Petroleum Products

Direct introduction of petroleum product in the plasma require a methodical approach to minimise matrix effect. Different sample introduction modes are used based on element of interest and matrix involved. Whether the choice of instrument is ICP-OES or ICP-MS, dilution of oils before introduction to the instrument is essential.

QPrep from Questron is an offline automated dilution and sample transfer system that has an innovative dual syringe module and is compatible with all reagents and solvents. QPrep can dilute and transfer an aliquot to autosampler rack which then can be introduced to OES or MS. Being offline, this automated system will greatly simplify and quicken repetitive jobs, thereby enhancing the throughput efficacy and accuracy of your ICP!

Let us know if you have need to digest the samples

Questron manufactures systems to perform both Close-Vessel and Open-Vessel digestions. QLabPro, Queston’s Close-Vessel microwave digestion system can digest tough samples retaining volatile elements of interests.

QBlock series of hot blocks are available to accommodate even non-standard sample vials for Open-Vessel digestion. These blocks are made from Teflon coated graphite or anodised aluminum and cover a wide heating range of up to 400 ∞C.

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