Custom Automation

All–Plastic automations for corrosive environment

Laboratories strive for better productivity and safety. The automation of repetitive and unsafe processes help achieve these two objectives. Questron has expertise in field of automation in corrosive environments.
Commonly available Metal robotic parts quickly fail in corrosive and humid environments. Questron’s xyz arms and pistons offer complex motion made entirely from plastic, corrosion resistant parts.

All plastic robotic components 

xyzmoction plastic piston
XYZ motion arm All plastic Piston

Motion and Temperature control

Questron’s motion and temperature control module is capable of controlling 4 motors and 2 temperatures.

6 Channel Syringe Pump 

motion channel
Questron’s 6 Channel syringe pump is the only pump in the industry capable of operating each syringe independently using just one motor. It is capable of handling corrosive and hazardous acids and reagents without any issues. It can be customized to accept different sizes of syringes.
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