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Questron – a complete solution for sample preparation

Nestled in the midst of Canadian manufacturing heart land in the Toronto area in the province of Ontario, Questron is dedicated to the intelligent implementation of microwave and heating block technology for science and the environment. Since its first beginnings in 1989, Questron has been a true innovator. We were the first company to introduce pressure control and later temperature control for closed vessel microwave digestion application. In 1993, Questron produced the QWAVE 3000, the first computer-controlled microwave digestion system.

Today, we are as committed to our science and to our history of innovation and cooperation. Our most recent closed vessel microwave digestion systems, QAsh 1800 microwave ashing system, QBlock digestion system and our Vulcan series of automated digestion & work-up station are all examples of innovation through specialised knowledge and experience

We promise to you, the end user of our products, to continue to work hard and work smart, in conjunction with our international partner companies, with government agencies, with experts in universities, and with chemists and other scientists at large, in order to create products that are timely and evolving with your evolving needs for sample preparation and automation.

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