Close Vessel Microwave Digestion System

QLABPro provides versatility, safety, productivity in closed and open vessel digestions, extraction, evaporation and synthesis. The system monitors temperature and pressure of each digestion vessel and has user-independent safety features guarantee safe digestions.

Microwave Digestion Vessel eVHP Carousel Microwave Digestion Vessel Liner Microwave digestion, QLABPro
Offers . . .
  • Ideal for digestion, extraction, evaporation and synthesis
  • User-independent safety features ensure safe digestions
  • Rotating antenna, 360° carousel and unique cavity design provides uniform microwave distribution
  • Corrosion-proof PTFE-coated reinforced cavity
  • Microwave power output in small increments for precise temperature control
  • Spring-loaded door latches for enhanced safety
  • Up to 1200 Watts power output in small increments
  • Selection of digestion vessels to cover wide spectrum of applications
  • Built-in temperature and pressure monitoring of each digestion vessel
  • Option of sensor vessels for in-situ temperature and pressure measurement
  • Controlled release of over pressure to avoid cross-contamination
  • Use in temperature and power mode
  • Comes with preloaded EPA and other standard digestion methods
  • Automatically protects against unusual heating of vessels
  • 150 CFM exhaust for fumes removal and vessels cooling
  • Maximum temperature up to 300°C
Multi-Layered Safety . . .
  • OPGuard™ pressure protection mechanism safely only vents excess pressure and reseals the vessel.
  • Rugged and reinforced oven body, explosion-proof oven door and spring-loaded door latches guarantee operator safety
  • Unique QSens™ technology ensures complete safety against extreme pressure release and exceptional temperatures by cutting off magnetron power, activating audible alarm and displaying visual warning
Full-Colour LCD Touchscreen User Interface . . .
QLABPro Cotrol Screen
QLABPro Digestion Recipe
  • User-friendly touchscreen control panel
  • Real-time graphical display
  • Audible alarm and visual alerts during digestion runs
  • Easy navigation for method creation
  • Capable of identifying a vessel in case of over pressure release
  • Data export capability
Real Time Display of Digestion Parameters . . .
QLABPro Touch screen
Configurations . . .

Time to Temperature: Configuration is best suited for digesting unknown samples and to develop digestion recipes in closed vessels. Samples are digested by achieving desired temperature through multi-step digestion recipe. It can accept temperature and pressure sensor vessels.

Time to Power: Configuration is best suited for digesting known and routine samples in closed vessels. Samples are digested by achieving desired power levels through multi-step digestion recipe.

Open Vessel: Configuration is best suited for digestion, evaporation and synthesis. Microwave homogeneity is maintained by mode-stir and can accept a variety of sample containers and racks. It has an external exhaust blower to remove toxic fumes generated during sample treatment. System is capable of working in both temperature and power mode.